Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company Registration - An Overview

If you are looking for a closely held and well-organized form of existence for your business, Private Limited is the most appropriate option. Easily incorporated, a Private Limited is registered within a short period, with minimum documentation and a minimal number of promoters.

The Private Limited Company have the following striking features:

The name should not resemble any of the existing entities and shall not contain any offensive words detrimental to the interest of the society at large. Also, the name should necessarily align with the objects of the company and must contain the word “Private Limited”;

The minimum capital contribution requirement by the promoters in the case of a Private Limited Company has been removed, and the company can be set up with any amount of capital. All the shareholders shall contribute it in the proportion of the shares held by them;

There shall be present at least two Directors and Shareholders for the registration of a Private Limited. Both Directors and Shareholders can be a similar person;

There shall be present, at the time of Company registration and at all times thereafter, a registered office address for the communication of the important matters by the authorities or otherwise. The registered office can be an owned property or a rented one.

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